Start-up company desired to preserve capital, align expenses with revenue and establish credit history. 

Establishing a credit history is vital to the development of any new business.  First, Saasfire worked closely with this high tech start-up to design and validate the solution would mitigate the security risks targeted.  

To pay for the solution, the customer was presented with various OPEX alternatives to paying cash up front.  Bundling the hardware, software and services costs into a 36 month lease payment stream aligned the cost of the solution with revenue, preserving capital for other priorities.

Furthermore Saasfire is actively reporting on successful payments to assist customer in establishing credit history.

case study:  CFO restricts capex

CFO, responding to Wall Street pressure issues policy restricting capital expenditures.

Like all corporate leaders, CFOs are expected to manage to a specific set of objectives.  In this case, this leader of a national health care provider was under pressure to reduce capital expenditures.  

Saasfire was able to design a financial package that traditional banks and leasing companies could not.  Bundling difficult to finance hardware, software and services, Saasfire presented a "service offering" financing solution in lieu of cash up front.  Saasfire, with access to non-traditional lending sources helped this customer meet financial objectives while also acquiring a technology solution that was urgently needed for the business.

Saasfire works closely with our customers to understand their unique financial objectives to provide creative options in the acquisition of the technology solution.